SFU Academic Summer Camp for Aboriginal Students

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Academic Camps for Aboriginal Students 

The SFU Academic Sumer Camp for Aboriginal High School Students helps Aboriginal students currently in grades 9 to 11 accelerate in Mathematics and English, and offers the opportunity to be exposed to the life of a university student, thereby encouraging them to continue into post-secondary education.

B.C. Aboriginal students often struggle with math and this camp is about helping those who want to be helped,” explains Veselin Jungic, a 3M National Teaching Fellow and a Teaching Professor in the Math Department.

Upcoming Camps

Math Camp 2018

Previous Camps

Math Camp 2014

Math Camp 2015

Math Camp 2016

Math Camp 2017


A Few Kind Words

"This program has given me opportunities to better myself as a student its created so many different doors that lead to so many different paths." (a student) 

"The program taught me that I had the ability to do math the entire time I just didn't believe that I had that much potential." (a student)

"I want to continue to learn more and increase my knowledge of math. My expectations of myself are higher and I know that I'm capable of being brilliant student." (a student)

"The program taught me that English isn't just about reading and writing, it's about speaking what you believe and showing how you feel." (a student)

"I learned a lot from the first nation workshops, I wasn't really in touch with my first nations heritage but the workshops had made me want to be." (a student)

"I'm moved and inspired by these young people's initiative to upgrade themselves educationally! They have accomplished a great deal and this will for sure equip them for success in life!" (a teacher)

Schedule of Events

The SFU Academic Sumer Camp for Aboriginal High School Students typically runs for 4 weeks (Monday to Friday) over the summer. We include a variety of interdisciplinary activities so that the students and teachers are engaged and having fun from the first day through to the closing session. Math, English and Science sessions, visits to computer labs, and tours of the Surrey and Burnaby Mountain SFU campuses are only a few items on the schedule of events.

We also organise special guest speaker presentations, cultural activities and introductions to life on campus.

We know that food is important! The schedule includes breakfast, snacks and lunch breaks.

And we know that recreational breaks are important. The students have the opportunity to walk around campus during the tours and breaks. There are scheduled activities that take place in the gym (like dodgeball) and outdoors (like archery and ultimate frisbee).

The Teachers

The SFU Academic Sumer Camp for Aboriginal High School Students attracts teachers who are passionate about their subject and about our youth. We engage teachers who represent local and national First Nations who are specialists in their field, so that they can mentor and inspire the Aboriginal students.