Math Catcher Volunteers

math catcher in elementary school

The Math Catcher program including its workshops, school visits, math camps, stories and movies would not exist without very dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Veselin Jungic at for more information.

The expectations from a Math Catcher:

  • Willingness to visit schools across British Columbia
  • Willingness to help the participants in the Math Catcher events learn how to make a hexastix and a tensegrity
  • Willingness to share her or his own story about learning mathematics with the participants in the Math Catcher events

We see the introduction of academic role models to elementary and high school students as an integral part of programs that aim to promote and/or teach mathematics. This is the reason why all Math Catcher events include our current students as volunteers. Our volunteers often struggled at some point in their education with mathematics themselves. It is always a powerful moment when they share that fact with our young audiences. One can almost see our young hosts thinking, “So, they felt the same way as I feel now.”

Our volunteers work hard to popularize mathematics and to increase students’ awareness about the presence and importance of mathematics in their lives. They have also had the opportunity to encourage that one bright student in our audience to decide to follow her or his talent and go with mathematics all the way...


Math Catcher Volunteers:

  • Pam Borghardt
  • Chris Budd
  • Zena Bruneau
  • Patrick Cunning
  • Brenda Davison
  • Shawn Desaulniers
  • Matt Devos
  • Janelle Dobson-Kocsis
  • Alejandro Erickson
  • Kelly Gardiner
  • Thea Gilchrist
  • Krystal Guo 
  • Kassia Holland
  • Rui (Ivy) Hu
  • Jessica Humchitt
  • Milan Jungic
  • Sukh Kainth
  • Indy Lagu
  • Ashley Lariviere
  • Bethani L'Heraux
  • Danniele Livengood
  • Megan Monkman
  • Stephani Monkman
  • Jamie Nordio
  • Serena Read
  • Martyn Russell
  • Reinelda Sankey
  • Prishpal Singh
  • Sasha Tiede
  • Brendan Westman