Small Number and the Old Arrowhead

École Riverdale Elementary, Surrey, B.C.

Hi Veselin,

Here is the schedule:

8:45-10 - Ms. Wozney Division 8
10:30-11:43 - Mr. Speak Division 7 
12:30-1:30 - Ms. Loh Division 3

See you tomorrow. 

Christine Wozney
Grade 4/5Riverdale

Math Catchers: A few brief facts about Aboriginal peoples and their education

Veselin Jungic presented some basic facts about  Aboriginal peoples in Canada and BC at the Teaching and Learning Centre's staff meeting. During the Q&A part of the presentation, Veselin screened the animated film "Small Number and The Big Tree".


Connecting the Pieces: Pre-K and Kindergarten Conference

Veselin Jungic and Janelle Dobson-Kocsis presented at the Connecting the Pieces: Pre-K and Kindergarten conference. This was the eleventh annual pre-k and kindergarten conference that featured over 50 workshop sessions to choose from. The Math Catcher Outreach Program session was attended by 25 teachers.

Photo Gallery

Small Number and the Kit Foxes

Small Number and the Old Totem Pole

Small Number and the Big Tree

Small Number and the Salmon Harvest

Small Number and the Skateboard Park