Math Catcher Outreach

math catchers outreach

The Math Catcher Project works hard to engage the community at various levels. Currently, our outreach program includes workshops and school visits.

Take a few moments to read about the workshops, the school visits and what the participants had to say. Each event is recorded with notes, photos and stories. We have also compiled a few testimonials-at-a-glance and a story board.


From Math and Science workshops, conferences and open houses held at SFU to book launches at local elementary schoools...  

For Aboriginal students, youth, Elders, families, teachers, mathematicians, volunteers ...

Math Catcher Workshops engage the participants in hands-on mathematics and science activities. We have built hexastixs and tensegrities models, concocted illuminating, geeky experiments, toured SFU's labs and teaching areas, and have brought math and science into everyday life.

School Visits

There are many schools in BC that have hosted a Math Catchers School Visit! From one corner of the province to the other, we demonstrate to the members of our audiences that they have been using and doing mathematics all the time, that they can see mathematics around them, that they can touch it and make it with their own hands, and that doing mathematics can trigger feelings of pride, happiness, and joy.